Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Setting Expectations

    1. Design and Plan Your First Workflow

    2. Assignment - Design 3 workflows

    3. Live Session 1 - Design an automation

    1. Zoho CRM Workflow Overview

    2. Workflow Pahse 1 Quiz

    3. Workflow Pahse 2 Quiz

    4. Implement a Workflow From a Design

    5. Zoho CRM Workflows - It's your turn to implement!

    6. Testing a Workflow

    7. Advanced Workflows

    8. Workflows Summary Quiz

    9. More Workflow Scenarios

    10. Live Session 2 - Implement a Workflow

    1. Blueprints Overview

    2. Basic Blueprint Quiz

    3. Design and Planning a Blueprint

    4. Plan a Leads Blueprint Assignment

    5. Live Session 3 - Design a Blueprint

    1. Implement a Blueprint

    2. Implement a Zoho CRM Blueprint

    3. Live session 4 - Implement a Blueprint

    1. Command Center Part 1 (2020 Addition)

    2. Lesson 19 - Command Center Part 2 (2020 Addition)

    3. Emails and Calls Workflows (2020 Additions)

    4. Q&A - Practical Uses Of BluePrint v3

    5. Live session 4 - Implement a Blueprint

About this course

  • In-depth Zoho training for employees (non-admin functionality)
  • Complete Zoho Forms course (Updated for 2022)
  • Weekly Zoho Q&A Sessions with me and my expert team.

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