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Lior Izik
Teacher Lior Izik
Category Drip Marketing
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Introduction To Automation
  • Introduction
  • Setting Expectations
Design and Plan an Automation Process
  • Design and Plan Your First Workflow
  • Assignment - Design 3 workflows
  • Live Session 1 - Design an automation
Zoho Workflows
  • Zoho CRM Workflow Overview
  • Workflow Pahse 1 Quiz
  • Workflow Pahse 2 Quiz
  • Implement a Workflow From a Design
  • Zoho CRM Workflows - It's your turn to implement!
  • Testing a Workflow
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Workflows Summary Quiz
  • More Workflow Scenarios
  • Live Session 2 - Implement a Workflow
Planning A Blueprint
  • Blueprints Overview
  • Basic Blueprint Quiz
  • Design and Planning a Blueprint
  • Plan a Leads Blueprint Assignment
  • Live Session 3 - Design a Blueprint
Implement a Zoho CRM Blueprint
  • Implement a Blueprint
  • Implement a Zoho CRM Blueprint
  • Live session 4 - Implement a Blueprint
  • Command Center Part 1 (2020 Addition)
  • Lesson 19 - Command Center Part 2 (2020 Addition)
  • Emails and Calls Workflows (2020 Additions)
  • Q&A - Practical Uses Of BluePrint v3
  • Live session 4 - Implement a Blueprint
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The Silent Struggles:

Tackling the Challenges Business Owners Face Without Automation With Our Zoho CRM Blueprints and Workflows Course

Time Drain:

Without automation, repetitive tasks consume valuable time, hindering productivity and diverting focus from strategic business initiatives.

Missed Profitability:

Businesses miss out on potential profits as manual processes lack the efficiency and precision that automated systems provide.

Competitive Disadvantage:

In a landscape where automation is a necessity, businesses without it face a competitive disadvantage, struggling to keep up with industry standards.

Resource Overhead:

Manual processes often require additional manpower, leading to increased labor costs and resource inefficiencies.

Error Prone:

Human errors become more prevalent in manual tasks, impacting data accuracy and potentially causing costly mistakes.

Inefficiency in Scaling:

Without automation, scaling the business becomes challenging as manual processes may not seamlessly adapt to increased workload demands.

Customer Experience Issues:

Delays and inconsistencies in manual workflows can result in an unsatisfactory customer experience, damaging relationships and reputation.

Limited Data Insights:

Businesses miss out on valuable insights as manual tracking and analysis lack the depth and speed offered by automated data collection and reporting systems.

Mastering Zoho CRM Automation: Lior's Survival Guide for Business Owners

Why Do You Need Our Zoho CRM Blueprints and Workflows Course?

Industry Insights:

Understand the shift from automation as a competitive advantage to its current status as a fundamental business necessity.

Economic Challenges:

Navigate the impact of inflation, rising power prices, and the increasing costs of software and hardware on your business. Automation should be your strategy.

Lior's Expertise:

Benefit from Lior's extensive experience as a business owner, addressing the common question of how to efficiently utilize automations.

Zoho CRM Focus:

Learn the ropes of automation using Zoho CRM, the core tool that Lior relies on for 99% of his business automation needs.

Survival Tactics:

Discover essential automation techniques that are crucial for not just thriving, but surviving in the current business landscape.

Feature Showcase:

Explore the powerful features within Zoho CRM that Lior utilizes in-house to provide top-notch automation solutions for customers.

Practical Applications:

Gain hands-on insights into applying Zoho CRM automation features to boost your company's profitability and operational efficiency.

Insane Capabilities:

Uncover the incredible capabilities of Zoho CRM, making it a wonderful tool for automation with its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities.

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