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Taking the First Step is the Hardest. Right Wrong.

Have you ever heard someone say taking the first step is the hardest? Well, they probably haven't run a business. Running a business means navigating countless steps every day towards your goals. Even if you're the boss of a small business, you're juggling dozens of factors daily.

As a business owner, you're analyzing past performance, handling present-day operations, and forecasting future challenges just to aim for success. I'm sure you're well aware of these responsibilities.

That's why you took that first
'challenging' step and had Zoho's CRM

This is a robust yet intricate suite of applications—customized to fit your business's specific needs. It's why you assessed your options, understood what needed to be done, and took the leap.

Investing thousands of dollars in Zoho's CRM was a testament to your commitment to enhancing your business.

Indeed, it was the right decision - and it's not your final one!

Course curriculum

Teacher Lior Izik
Category Drip Marketing
Students 1170 (Registered)
Establish a baseline
  • Be a super employee
Zoho CRM - The MUSTS
  • How To Setup a Safe Work Environment
  • Personal Settings and Signature Setup
  • Add Your Email to Your Zoho CRM
  • Add Your Calendar to Your Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM Basics
  • What Are a Record Related Lists
  • Editing Updating Records (Inline and Full Edit Mode)
  • Learn How to Add Records (Manual, Import or Wizard)
  • Sending Emails (Bulk emails, Individual Email, Draft Mode, Emails List)
Templates (optional section)
  • Email Templates
  • Inventory (Zoho CRM Finance) Templates
  • Mail Merge
  • Create and Manage Tasks, Meetings and Calls
  • Working with Activities
Productivity Section
  • Canvas View
  • Duplicated Records. Yuk!
  • Multi Record Actions
  • Create and Use Filters
  • Sheet View and Manage Columns
  • Single Record Actions
  • Create and Use Views
Zoho CRM - Sales Cycle For Sales People
  • What is a Lead, Contact, Account and a Deal
  • Lead Conversion Process
  • Understanding the Lead Layout
  • Understanding the Deal Layout
  • Scoring Rules - Real Prospects VS Tire Kickers
  • Working With a Blueprint
Reporting and more
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Schedule and Access Reports
  • Managing Vendors - Coming Soon
  • Accounts vs Vendors - Coming Soon
Live Zoho CRM Sessions
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 1
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 2
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 3
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 4
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 5
  • Live Zoho CRM Employee Training - Lesson 6
About this course
  • $95.00
  • 37 Lessons
  • 5 hours of video content
Unleash the Power of Your
Business with Zoho's
Custom-Suite CRM

As a business person, you understand that there isn't a single 'first hardest step' or a 'last hardest step' because businesses are continually in motion.

Your journey began when you gave the green light to Zoho's custom-suite CRM, making a strategic investment of your hard-earned resources.

Now, you possess the key to an untapped CRM suite, poised to unlock the full potential of your business.

This powerful tool is geared to streamline your processes, enabling your team to maintain peak efficiency and organization.

Experience improvements in your profit margins and bottom lines as your business reaches new milestones with Zoho's customized CRM.

Productivity Mastery:

Zoho CRM Training for Employee Empowerment in Elevating Work Efficiency

Guiding employees through effective Zoho CRM understanding is a priority.

Enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction in Zoho CRM usage is a focus.

Maximizing Zoho CRM investment to yield business dividends is a strategic goal.

As a business owner, facing daily decisions is a constant reality demanding thoughtful choices.

Navigating Employee Training in
Zoho CRM

The Free Route

Embarking on the free route means personally instructing your employees, a process that demands significant time – time that could potentially be better invested in other pivotal facets of your business. Your intrinsic understanding of the CRM is unquestionable, considering it was developed in collaboration with, and specifically for you. While it's plausible that you can bring your team to a basic proficiency level, the question arises: does the potential risk, time consumption,

and effort justify this approach? Additionally, do you possess the requisite knowledge and expertise to effectively oversee such a complex task?

Inherent Expertise

Certainly, your familiarity with the CRM is profound, having been intricately involved in its development. Your ability to get your team up to speed might grant them a set of keys to navigate this powerful machine. However, the critical consideration lies in weighing the value of your time, especially when diverted from essential aspects of your business. Evaluating whether the benefits of this approach align with the intricacies of employee training is essential.

Time Investment

Delving into the complexities of the CRM took considerable hours for you alone. The question remains – is it feasible to replicate this time investment for each employee? Reflecting on the exhaustive process you underwent to comprehend the tool’s capabilities, exploring every nook and cranny, prompts consideration of the strategic implications of such an approach for the broader team.


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How do I know it works?

I've tried it myself! I believed that my business wouldn't just magically get better—it needed intentional changes.

You can do it too! I took charge and made things happen. This mindset helped me start profitable businesses from scratch without any extra money and sell them for a profit, even in tough markets like web design and marketing. Can you guess the key tool that helped me succeed?

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“Lior Izik of Amazing Business Results has been a phenomenal resource for our company. We would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking to implement Zoho.”

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“My company just celebrated our first amazing year and Lior created our entire Zoho infrastructure. He is an expert, professional, knowledgeable and delivers a world class customer experience. His attention to detail, out of the box thinking has saved us time , money and aggravation. I would only recommend Lior and Amazing Business Results for all of your Zoho needs!”

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“Lior cares about what he is sharing. He is easy to follow and knowledgeable. He is making it a pleasant learning experience.”

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