You already know Zoho is a fantastic tool for businesses like yours - but you’ll learn how to make it even better.
Lior Izik will give you tools and strategies that will help you “hack” the zoho system and get more automation out of this powerful business suite.

We’ll teach you how to use Deluge, Zoho’s proprietary scripting language. It’s the backbone Zoho is built on and it’s made for performing actions and integrations all across Zoho Suite. Once you know Deluge, you can do SO much more with Zoho.

Even if you’ve never done ANY programming in your life.

** available to our Admin and Business subscribers
After Deluge, we’ll dive into other ways to use Zoho, such as sending automated marketing campaigns. You’ll get a detailed walk-through of how to set up smart automations that will save you HOURS every week.
With the skills you’ll learn in these sessions, you’ll be able to turn Zoho from a great tool to an “omg-that’s-amazing” secret weapon for your business.

You’ll learn how to do things with Zoho that you would otherwise need to hire a specialized developer to do for you - which will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business. And when you DO work with Zoho developers, you’ll know how to ask the right questions so you don’t get screwed over.

About the Live Deluge Scripting Course

Course curriculum

    1. Assignments and Quizzes

    1. Working With a Sandbox

    1. An Important Update

    2. Lesson 1 - Static Button

    3. Create a static button

    4. Lesson 2 - Dynamic Button

    5. Create a dynamic button

    6. Lesson 3 - Pull a Lead record array (all the lead’s data)

    7. Get a record by ID

    8. Live Deluge Training - Lesson 1

    9. Live Deluge Training - Lesson 2

    1. Lesson 4 - Get Record By ID & Use API Name and If ISNULL

    2. Pull Information Form A Lead Record

    3. Lesson 5 - Mapping & Updating a Record

    4. Update Record

    5. Lesson 6 - Create a New Lead

    6. Create a record assignment

    7. Live Deluge Training - Lesson 3

    1. Data Types

    2. Data Types Assignment

    3. Arithmetic Operators

    4. Relational Operators

    5. Logical Operators

    6. Operators Assignment

    7. Live Deluge Training - Lesson 4

    1. IF and IF ELSE

    2. ELSE IF

About this course

  • $295.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 15.5 hours of video content

In this course, you’ll set up time-saving automation for your business, such as:

What is Deluge (Variable, Array, Map)

  • Creating basic scripts
  • Creating basic buttons
  • Copy data from one module to another
  • Add a note to a record
  • Search records and manipulate them
  • Convert a lead automatically when a lead is qualified
  • Create tasks and meetings
  • Send Cliq and an email message
  • Create Zoho Books quote and Invoice

** This course is not for Zoho Creator developers. We will concentrate only on Zoho CRM Deluge commands and business cases.

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