About the Zoho CRM Training For Employees

Employee Training

Zoho CRM Training for Employees

    1. Be a super employee

    1. How To Setup a Safe Work Environment

    2. Personal Settings and Signature Setup

    3. Add Your Email to Your Zoho CRM

    4. Add Your Calendar to Your Zoho CRM

    1. What Are a Record Related Lists

    2. Editing Updating Records (Inline and Full Edit Mode)

    3. Learn How to Add Records (Manual, Import or Wizard)

    4. Sending Emails (Bulk emails, Individual Email, Draft Mode, Emails List)

    1. Email Templates

    2. Inventory (Zoho CRM Finance) Templates

    3. Mail Merge

    1. Create and Manage Tasks, Meetings and Calls

    2. Working with Activities

    1. Canvas View

    2. Duplicated Records. Yuk!

    3. Multi Record Actions

    4. Create and Use Filters

    5. Sheet View and Manage Columns

    6. Single Record Actions

    7. Create and Use Views

About this course

  • $195.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content
As a business person, you know there isn’t a first hardest step. There isn’t even a last hardest step. Because businesses are always running. They’re always striving toward a milestone, always taking that next step forward. No, you took that first hardest step when you greenlit Zoho’s custom-suite CRM and invested your hard-earned resources. Now, you hold the keys to a dormant CRM suite that’s ready to unleash the potential of your business. It’s ready to streamline your processes, help your team maintain peak efficiency and organization, and improve your profit margins and bottom lines.
  • How do you transfer your understanding of the Zoho CRM to your employees?

  • How do you help your employees be and feel more productive when using your Zoho CRM suite?

  • How do you get the most out of your Zoho CRM investment and have it start paying dividends for your business?

  • It’s time for answers and a decision. just one of the hundreds you’ll make as a business owner today.

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