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Congratulations! You've Invested in the Most Requested Course!

Congratulations on your decision to invest in our highly sought-after course! This comprehensive program delves into the intricacies of sales generation, surpassing conventional marketing tactics to ensure tangible financial growth through the strategic implementation of drip campaigns. Led by the experienced instructor, Lior, this course is tailored for individuals of all backgrounds, providing a step-by-step approach to mastering the fundamentals.

Lior's teaching style is not only educational but also enjoyable, making the learning process engaging and accessible. One distinctive feature of this course is its user-friendly design, eliminating the need for coding or development expertise. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice in the field, you'll find the content approachable and rewarding.

Discover the excitement of making money using proven techniques that resonate with modern business dynamics. The tools essential for this journey include Zoho CRM, Twilio, or RingCentral extensions. If you don't have these tools yet, worry not – we'll guide you on obtaining them for free, ensuring that you have everything you need to thrive in the world of effective sales and marketing. Get ready to transform your approach and witness the impact on your bank account!

Curious to know more? In this course, we'll take your existing email and turn it into a powerful tool for sending effective drip campaigns. Everything you need to know will be covered, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The course is structured into six main sections, beginning with a foundational understanding of how to leverage drip campaigns to generate income. We'll guide you through the planning phase, making it easy for you to strategize and execute successful drip campaigns.

The course also delves into the essential tools required for seamless campaign execution, including a detailed exploration of using your existing email for drip campaigns. You'll gain insights into sending SMS drip campaigns and learn how to manage responses, halting the drip campaign when necessary. Similarly, the course teaches you the same process with emails, empowering you to create and halt drip campaigns in response to incoming emails from customers. The ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate all elements into a beautiful, effective drip campaign.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your email for business success!

Course curriculum

Teacher Lior Izik
Category Zoho CRM Training
Students 1170 (Registered)
Zoho CRM Core Functionality
  • Course Intro
  • Zoho One Applications Overview
  • The Zoho ONE Interface
  • Assignment #1
  • Settings Every Employee Must Do
  • Assignment #2
  • How To Navigate
  • List View Options
  • Assignment #3
  • Record Options
  • Filter Lookup Records
  • Common Mistake: My Emails Not Syncing With Zoho CRM
  • Email Deliverability (Need To Be Done Once By The Admin)
Zoho CRM Customization
  • Basic Module Customization
  • Extending The Lookup Fields Functionality
  • Advanced Module Customization
  • Assignment #4
  • Architect Your CRM (Quick Guide)
  • Assignment #5
  • Module Layouts and Layout Rules
  • Assignment #6
  • Canvas Views (List and Detailed View)
  • Security Controls
The Sales Cycle
  • Lead To Deal Journey
  • Lead Conversion Mapping
  • Lead Module - Advanced Options
  • Contacts Accounts and Opportunities/Deals
  • Managing Pipelines
  • Assignment #7
  • Wizards - Create Records Step By Step
  • Q&A: How To Send SMS Messages From Zoho CRM
  • Text Messages vs Emails
  • Using The CRM (Lead to Deal)
Migration and Data Management
  • Zoho One - Taking Backups
  • Migrating To Zoho CRM?
Dashboards, Analytics and Reports
  • Dashboards (Homepage)
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Assignment #8
  • Setting Up Macros
  • Working With Workflows
  • Assignment #9
  • Blueprints - The Heart of Your Business
  • Parallel Transitions - Zoho CRM Enhancements to Blueprint
  • Multiple Transitions - Zoho CRM Enhancements to Blueprint
  • Assignment #10
  • How Can I Experiment Without Breaking My System? Sandbox
  • System Integration Best Practices
  • Final Lesson
Webinars - Based on Real Customers Use Cases
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Finance
Bonus Section
  • CRM Automation & AI Features Explained
  • Our (Amazing Business Results) Sales Process DEMO (Using Pandadoc)
  • Zia Smart Prompt (Zoho CRM ChatGPT)
  • Take Control Of Your Phone Numbers
About this course
  • $95.00
  • 56 Lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Struggles Before Using Drip Campaigns

Planning Puzzles

Overcome challenges in planning effective campaigns. Our course guides you through the process, making campaign planning straightforward and results-driven.

Tool Ambiguity

Uncover the mystery behind the tools required for successful drip campaigns. Gain clarity on essential tools, including leveraging your existing email for maximum impact.

Response Management

Our course not only teaches you how to send campaigns but also how to efficiently handle responses, ensuring a seamless customer interaction.

Limited Streams

Frustrated with limited income sources? Explore how our course breaks barriers, transforming your revenue streams with the power of drip campaigns.


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